Miles, Memories and Mum

Our dear Mum lived with Alzheimer’s for years. Mum loved to walk and the disease slowly took away her mobility but we were lucky she still recognised all her three children (Betsy, Fanny and Tom) and all her eight grandchildren to the end. Many are not so lucky with this devastating disease, which can often completely corrode the memory.

Due to Mum’s love of walking (especially with her beloved dogs) we are keen to remember her by raising funds for the brilliant Alzheimer’s Society with a walk of our own. Tragically, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the UK ever three minutes (in the world as.a whole it’s more like every three seconds). Almost everyone of us knows a family member or a friend living with Alzheimer’s.

The AS does great work to help those living with Alzheimer’s,, who have needed support more than ever during Covid, especially within the hard hit care homes.

The AS is always trying to raise more awareness about Alzheimer’s. Until the day a cure is found, it hopes to help create a society where those affected by this awful disease are fully supported and accepted.

If you would like to make a donation, simply click Donate.