The 4000 km plus Australasian section of the world walk will certainly be one of the toughest as it includes Australia’s vast Nullarbor Plain, or the Big Empty, as some refer to this desert wilderness.

But, on the strength of my walk Down Under so far (I’m five days in as I write this) it should also be an amazing experience from the point of view of landscape, people and wildlife. The Outback is undoubtedly an intimidating but very beautiful place where the locals look out for one another. I have a new, bigger hiking buggy to carry sufficient food and water.

My route is from Swanbourne (a suburb of Perth) to Sydney and will take over 4 months. After this I look forward to tackling New Zealand, home to my daughter, Eliza, and some of the world’s finest scenery. Compared to vast Australia my route through narrow but hilly NZ, from west to east, will be, though not without its challenges, much quicker and more accessible.

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