My original route through Asia was going to be through Ukraine, Russia then heading east through Mongolia and China. Although I covered a little bit of Ukraine last summer ( and spent time with the charity Siobhan’s Trust and its incredible volunteers) – for obvious reasons I’ve had to abandon this first walking option.

Instead, for my Asian section, I plumped to walk across India (from Goa to Chennai) which was challenging but exhilarating and an experience I’ll never forget. After India I hiked across a swathe of Indonesia (the fourth most populated country in the world) including jam-packed, super friendly Java and more remote, jungly but equally welcoming Kalimantan, on Indonesian Borneo, where I had the joyous experience of seeing orang utans in the wild.

I covered over 2000 km in total in Asia, much less than the original plan but on a world walk you have to take the cards the road deals you. One door closing always opens up a new one, and I have no regrets about walking India and Indonesia, both offered some unforgettable experiences and the chance to meet some truly wonderful people.

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