Shiksha Rath, meaning Chariot of Education, is highly-focused, long-term initiative providing after school classes, nutritious meals and health care to some of Delhi’s poorest children by means of a ground-breaking slum academy, which opened on March 15, 2014.

The academy started with 30 girls and boys aged between 5 and 6. The emphasis at the academy is on providing outstanding education for a small group of children. Classes will fuse Indian and international curriculums, plus a host of extra classes such as sport, languages, music and drama.

Experienced teachers will be recruited, uniforms will be worn and a good standard of discipline maintained but the children, all from India’s harijan or untouchable caste, will also be encouraged to think freely, play to their strengths and have fun. The academy will have full cooperation from all the children’s parents in the slum.

The academy will enable the children to receive International holistic education and then, even more importantly, secure them careers where they have the potential to become great role models for the slum children of the future.