As punishment for some youthful high jinks, 16-year-old Jimmy Frazier is made to volunteer in a London hospital. The experience shocks him, and he swears he will never set foot on a ward again.

Two decades later, older but not a lot wiser, some strange twists of fate lead Jimmy back to hospital – but this time as a student nurse.

Along with a motley crew of fellow students, Jimmy throws himself into the heart of the NHS. Whether caring for patients in children’s hospitals, prisons, mental health facilities or post-surgical wards, Jimmy and his fellow students attempt to make a difference. On their way they are inspired by the angelic Super Nurse and the acid-tongued Mr Temple. But can they stick out the three years it takes to make the grade as a fully-qualified nurse…?

Any future royalties in aid of the wonderful Oxford-based charity, Restore, helping people with mental health problems to find work and further education.

“Funny, poignant, accurate…truly the best book about nursing I’ve ever read. Bravo Jimmy Frazier.” Jenni Middleton, Editor, Nursing Times

“Engaging, compassionate and often very moving.” Harry Ritchie, The Daily Mail

“The account is of considerable literary merit…You constantly want to know what happens next.” Dr Adrian Pointer, Pulse

Published by Constable and Robinson (2011) under the pseudonym, Jimmy Frazier.

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