Throughout the duration of the world walk (from Sept, 2018 to Nov, 2023, with a Covid hiatus in the middle) a total of over £45,000 has been raised for a variety of charities.

Friends, family and generous strangers have been incredibly kind and it is solely through their big hearts this astonishing sum has been raised.

All the wonderful charities have expressed great gratitude and I personally can’t thank everyone enough who has made a donation. Whatever the size, it meant a great deal.

The charities I was walking for include Siobhan’s Trust, Backpack Bed for Homeless (Australia based), Shiksha Rath (India based), Autism Early Support (previously called the Puzzle Centre), Medical Detection Dogs and the Alzheimer’s Society (my Mum lived with dementia for years).

Individual information about all the charities can be seen on the Charities page and if anyone still wants to make a donation there is a Donate button, which links directly to the Siobhan’s Trust Just Giving page.

Since early 2020, Siobhan’s Trust’s volunteers have been carrying out outstanding humanitarian work in Ukraine, and continue to do so. They are also always looking for new volunteers if anybody wants to join their friendly, formidable team.