The walk so far has raised money for four great causes – Siobhan’s Trust, The Alzheimer’s Society, Autism Early Support and Medical Detection Dogs – and thanks to everyone’s incredible kindness over £35,000 has been raised in total so far.

During my walk through Iceland and the final leg of the UK, I will continue to raise funds for wonderful Siobhan’s Trust. The work of their brave, dedicated volunteers in Ukraine is as vital as ever now.

The charity is small, focused, compassionate and effective, making sure all donations are used to help those who really need it, not on fat cat salaries or inflated admin costs. Any donation, big or small, is always hugely appreciated and will be officially thanked and registered.


Siobhan’s Trust

Siobhan’s Trust operates a fleet of pizza & freezer vans out of the city of Lviv, feeding orphanages, community halls and all kinds of shelters that are full of Internally displaced People in the Ukraine

Shiksha Rath

Shiksha Rath is a highly-focused, long-term initiative providing after school classes, nutritious meals and health care to some of Delhi’s poorest children by means of a ground-breaking slum academy,

Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs (MDD), which my sister, Betsy, has championed since it started 10 years ago, trains dogs (which have a 1000 times stronger sense of smell than humans) to sniff out diseases while still in the early onset stages.

Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society is one of the key charities working to support those with Alzheimer’s – and other forms of dementia - and their families. It is also actively researching a cure for the disease, which, shockingly, is likely to affect one in three children born in the UK today, with the number rising all the time.