The walk so far has raised money for four great causes – Siobhan’s Trust , The Alzheimer’s Society, Autism Early Support and Medical Detection Dogs – but now that the £35,000 target for these charities has been exceeded thanks to everyone’s kindness, it is time to focus on the inspiring new charity Shiksha Rath.

All the money donated goes direct to Shiksha Rath and, rather than being a drop in the ocean as with many larger international charities, your donations have the capacity to make a real difference.

Shiksha Rath is an inspiring slum school in Delhi whose volunteers do a brilliant job providing education, sponsorship and fun for underprivileged kids.

I realize times are very tough for many people right now, so there’s no pressure but ANY donations, however tiny, are massively appreciated.


Siobhan’s Trust

Siobhan’s Trust operates a fleet of pizza & freezer vans out of the city of Lviv, feeding orphanages, community halls and all kinds of shelters that are full of Internally displaced People in the Ukraine

Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs (MDD), which my sister, Betsy, has championed since it started 10 years ago, trains dogs (which have a 1000 times stronger sense of smell than humans) to sniff out diseases while still in the early onset stages.