6000 miles! Well, now 6083 to be exact. Delighted to hit this major milestone though worried that, according to one waggish friend, I am losing a milimetre of height every 1000 miles

Between September, 2018 – November, 2023, I clocked up over 11,000 miles, walking the length of America and Europe, a swathe of the Middle East including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria (the only country I needed four wheels instead of two feet), Israel and the West Bank, India, Indonesia (plus Borneo), Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

This time included a near three-year Covid hiatus, during which I did a number of smaller walks including a 500 mile hike from Lithuania to Lviv in Ukraine; a 200 mile yomp through the UK from St Austell in Cornwall to St Paul’s Cathedral and finally a 26 mile marathon through London (dressed as a dog, along with several family members, don’t ask!).

Thanks to everyone’s staggering generosity over £45,000 has been raised for a variety of wonderful causes including Siobhan’s Trust (serving love and pizzas throughout war-torn Ukraine), the Alzheimer’s Society, Backpack Bed for Homeless (Australia-based), Autism Early Support, previously called the Circle Centre (educating and supporting children with autism and their families) and Medical Detection Dogs. For more information about any of these great causes please refer to the Charities Page.

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